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About Us

Phraktal | January 16, 2021

Are you a record label, artist/band, promoter or agency and are looking for a website to attract potential clients, promote your music & services or are you a business wanting to utilise ways for your potential customers and fans to communicate with you and even engage your services online.  So […]

Music Production

Methods For Making Electronic Dance Music

Phraktal | November 10, 2020

Electronic dance music is defined by its use of synthetic and digital sounds that differ from the organic and acoustic sounds of traditional instruments. Some may consider these sounds as “cold” or “inhuman”, but they are actually the result of creative and innovative manipulation of musical elements such as rhythm, […]

Club music

Rise of Electronic Music

Phraktal | November 10, 2017

Electronic music was born in the discos and nightclubs nationwide in the early eighties. Today, this genre of music, also known as Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a music largely created by disk jockeys with a purpose of creating environment for dance-based entertainment. EDM soon became one of the […]

Music Production

What Is Trap Music?

Phraktal | November 10, 2017

If you’ve followed artists such as Young Jeezy, T.I., and Gucci Mane, you’ve heard the term “Trap” used often. Whether it was on Young Jeezy’s track, “Trap or Die”, T.I.’s sophomore ablum “Trap Muzik”, or on Gucci Mane’s mixtape, “Trap God”, the word “Trap” has been around for years in […]

Club music

New Zealand Music Festival Survey

Phraktal | November 10, 2017

The rise of Lorde and electronic dance music, or EDM, across the world has brought a new level of attention to music festivals in the country of New Zealand. The country is currently producing a number of leading popular musicians and acts and is the birthplace of the latest worldwide […]


Ultra Music Festival 2018

Phraktal | November 10, 2017

This was my second year in a row doing UMF and it was AMAZING. It also happened to mark my one year anniversary with my boyfriend! We were acquaintances who met up in Miami that fateful weekend and fell in love there. We knew we would have to go to […]

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